Monday, January 23, 2012

Ran With My Wife Towards Santiago Peak

Susan and Ed taking a break to snap this picture.
The local trail group is doing a 24 mile run this coming Saturday. The distance doesn't bother me, but the fact it is going up to Santiago Peak does. The peak is around 5,700 feet and the trail head is at 2,000 feet, so this is a 3,700 ft climb in 12 miles. That is not an easy run., at least for me. I think I can handle the 3,700 ft descent for the last half.

I decided I wanted to pre-run some of it today to make sure I was up to speed for it. Having run 14 miles yesterday didn't exactly leave me in a rested condition for this, but it was a last minute decision last night. Susan decided she wanted to go with me. She doesn't run the distances I do so we were going to run together for a few miles, then I'd go on ahead. My original plan was to go 6 miles, or half the distance up. I'd hook up with Susan again on the way down. If I could do 12 miles with little trouble, 24 miles this coming weekend should be doable.

Susan at the trail head
with her Merrell Trail Gloves
Ed at the trail head with the KSO Treks
Given a bit of soreness after yesterday's run, I stopped at the 5 mile mark on the way up. I could have gone further, but my speed was really bad and I didn't really want to be out for much more than 2 hrs today. My altitude was 3,720 feet when I turned back, so I climbed about 1,700 feet. That told me with 7 miles to go, there was another 2,000 feet left. It wasn't going to get steeper, but neither was the grade going to easier.

Less than half a mile into the trail part of the run.
It does give me confidence though that I can do this run as long as I rest the day before the run. I've really overdone it this week. Today was my ninth consecutive run. There was a holiday thrown in there which allowed more time to run. I don't normally run more than 2-3 days in a row. The body needs to rest and repair.

It isn't a terribly technical trail, just fire road, but it isn't smooth trail dirt either. Actually, the first three miles are rough asphalt, which means the last three will be too since this is an out-and-back run. I really wish I had a pair of the new Vibram Spydiron trail shoes. My KSO Trek's tread is getting low and the Spydiron has more rock protection, especially in the arch. Unfortunately, they aren't for sale yet, so the KSO Treks will have to do for a few more weeks.
You can see the rocky trail behind me.

Total distance today was 10.1 miles Susan did somewhere between 7 and 8 miles I think. Her running software on her iPhone was accidentally paused during her run so we aren't sure exactly how far she went.

There are more pictures below of the beautiful scenery. It rained here like crazy Saturday and it was overcast the entire run. It makes some of the pictures look a bit dark.
At 3,700ft where I turned around
Another view of the terrain

The average grade

A look over the ledge into Silverado Canyon

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